The city of Constance  in-game
For this project I recreated the entire city of Constance in Germany. It turned out to be a huge undertaking which took me several months to complete.
All buildings had to be built from scratch in 3dsMax and exported into the game. 
Reference material was provided by associates from Germany in the form of pictures and videos.
OEBB 4020  in-game

A fully working model of the OEBB 4020 for Train Simulator. The model is fully functional with animated wheels, bogies, pantographs, doors, etc.

3dsMax render  Freight Wagons

A render of some freight wagons I created for a commercial product. 

Over the years I have created hundreds of objects of all shapes and sizes to be used in PC-based computer games. From wastebins to spaceships, and sheds to fully animated high speed trains. 
Many of the objects I have created have found their way into commercial products.
Here is a small selection of renderings and in-game screenshots.
OEBB railjet  in-game
Probably the most complex project so far. The task was to build an entire, fully functional model of the railjet high-speed train. All moving parts are animated and every carriage is fully modelled both on the inside and outside.
3dsMax render  Low poly models
Some of the most commonly required objects are low poly models. These are simple buildings used as a backdrop in computer games. They shouldn't have a big impact on PC performance but must still look good.
3dsMax render  OEBB Wood wagons
This was a rather spontaneous project that was eventually released as a freeware add-on for Train Simulator. I used high resolution photographic textures for this model.
3dsMax render  F-14A Tomcat

A render of a model of an F-14. This wasn't used in any commercial product but was created just for fun.

3D Modelling in 3dsMax